Pythia (pythia) wrote,

Facebook 'likes'

Okay, so I've seen some pretty horrendous Facebook likes/pages lately. Some of them are minorly annoying, eye rolling stuff, but some are seriously rage-inducing, I'm-deleting-you-off-my-friends-list stuff.

This was today's one.

Charming. The grammar, or lack thereof, is just a bonus.

"A girl crashed? its the man's fault, shouldn't be driving in the kitchen"
(WTF? Doesn't even make sense.)

And the worst three I've seen so far:

1. If you rape a prostute, is it rape? or shop lifting??

2. I stopped a girl from getting raped today." "How?" "I stopped chasing her." (This one had over 8,000 likes)

3. 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape!

Aaaaand now I feel kind of sick. I mean seriously, WTF? And people deny the existence of a rape culture.

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